Death of Me (Andy Mineo Remix)




The high's and low's of 2015 for me.


Verse 1 (Darko)
Reminiscing on my last year
Momma prayed, what I want for the season
Im like drop an album, people search my name and hear Jesus,

And it came to past
We preyed on the future it came to past
But the fame only last for a minute
Got some things to bury in my hourglass

Some success, and some regrets
But I don't write to remember
Recollect and I write to forget

Got some weight I wanna get off my chest
Yeah my heart burns,
Had to finish that when my heart broke
But I know you repair so I'm praying Is this another test

Are you getting even with my sins cuss my flesh is at odds with you?
But I read your word and I know I gotta suffer, It's a privilege that I'm called to do

Father I know that you love me, though I wreck my life
You always got a plan, and your wisdom's above me
And I cannot be plucked from your hand

And when I don't understand, you speak soft to me, to tackle this
So I Turn the music up
Carry my cross, like I got to get back to this

Soon to be a graduate, hope's to be a trail blazer
Burning bridges and speak life, at least 1 less deaths in the paper

If we only see in part, I'll give em all that I got
Looking back I'm salt,taking my chances, and that is my lot

Hook (Andy Mineo)
I feel like it's the real me
Feel me?
Yeah, I been changed
But I'm still me
What I am now
Not what I will be
I'm trying to give life
But this could be the death of me
The death of me
This could be the death of me
(just trying to give life, what I do for a living could kill me)
The death of me
This could be the death of me
(just trying to give life, what I do for a living could kill me)

Verse 2 (Darko)
On the day I found music, momma knew that she lost me
Some say they want my life, but man, they don't really know what it cost me

Parents think I left them, sleeping on couches, my car, other people's houses,
School next day eyes red and I'm slouching, still tryna figure who my spouse is/

I'm not even famous...
But it gets real when your put on a playlist
Borderline dangerous, getting emails from fans dropping their knifes

Eye carefully watch on my life, being above reproach
Swallow my pride trying to build up dudes, But lord knows I got a deep throat

Beat Death Christ is the cheat code
Got atheist who believe in me
Seeks, who be receiving me
While trying to serve the sheep

Putting truth in my bars, cuss I'm tired of being lied to
Even got drug dealers distributing my music and I'll try to supply you

Curse God, is what other guys do
But I'm on my job
Bless the narrow road till the wheels fall off, and we got spare tires

Many times I tried to retire, but it's evident, I'm called for this
To be what I needed when I go through it, and not just live anonymous

A deep breath for the depressed
A guilt trip to the goody too shoes
For the cool kids at recess
And all the Jacob tutus

And I do it for the TURNUP
Know my good works won't burn up
Knowing it earns us joy
So when we come through please discern us

Yeah, it's 2016 and I kind of got a team
Daniel and Anthony 2 years deep eating the fruit of our planted seeds
And nobody missing
My clique stand strong and forgiven
And we only getting bigger
Stronger, sharpening iron, blood bought sparks in our system

A guillotine of wisdom, trying to stay ahead of the game
No death by the cleavage, my eyes are fixed in the text, solely on his name

We fight the good fight
But the airs not what I'm swinging at
Taking shots at the kingdom of darkness get at that, decreed I'm shadow boxing

my dogs won't go back to vomit
16 years a slave to sin, insane to go back to the bondage
Hunger for his word and we crave to win

If we only see in part, I'll give em all that I got
If I Look back I'm salt, taking my chances, and that is my lot


released December 31, 2015
Written by Darko
Mixed by Darko
Instrumental and chorus by Andy Mineo



all rights reserved


DARKO Brampton, Ontario

Born in Scarborough Ontario, raised in Rexdale, and now living in Brampton,DARKO incorporates clever rhyme schemes and faith based content which influence, inspire, motivate, and challenges society to think eternally, to see the big picture of life beyond the sun. With a gospel centered world view, DARKO's music doesn't preach or condemn, it gives life and brings hope through Jesus Christ. ... more

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