GoRilla Ft eTRNL




Remix of Cash Hollistah's GoRilla.
Added Production, Mix and Master by DreamPedal


Aint interested in who you think is the best
I’m too busy conniving means and schemes to crucify the flesh
Evolutions false but i still beat my chest
i was raised by gorillas and Tarzan knows the rest

It's straight bananas when insecure swine try to ape me
I'm on my Kevin Ham tip, and Bill Nye's try to debate me

We lyrically artistically rthmicly articulate verses
Under the art poetry, then butcher beats and rehearse this

Purchased, God in my verse so you know its me
Ain't got to stand out holy spirit makes sure you notice me

Ain't content with going locally
i say neigh and make every effort to trot globally

Balling, my bond is to hit home like I’m a slugger
And Barry/Bury my enemies with kindness while i suffer

Honoring my team, make my shot before the buzzer
To get up in your face yelling Christ lives Sucka!

Truth ain't funny though I say it real humbly
And you know we're not pro evolution, but were monkeys

When it comes to the topic of our Jesus
We never skip around the topic, no but it freezes

Our visions and our goals, and he's stealing the show
Never look back at the pit I'm below
Glispe of the cross and the love he bestowed
Forfeit the world but I'm gaining my soul
Nailed to the tree he did it for me what else do I need to compel me for
Eternity's calm and everyone's wrong, so for me I decide to go hard

The track is real so we going in whether do or die
Preaching em that sin is a friend of Mr suicide

Depravity's the poison but nope it ain't chemical
We point to Jesus hes our hope hes our antidote

The real living king though he doubles as physician
Triples as an author with the history hes written

Life with the caption and flood to the right bow
And we be going hard yes we signed up for this lifestyle


released November 13, 2014
Recorded by DARKO & Anthony Sawyers
Mixed, Mastered & Added production By DreamPedal



all rights reserved


DARKO Brampton, Ontario

Born in Scarborough Ontario, raised in Rexdale, and now living in Brampton,DARKO incorporates clever rhyme schemes and faith based content which influence, inspire, motivate, and challenges society to think eternally, to see the big picture of life beyond the sun. With a gospel centered world view, DARKO's music doesn't preach or condemn, it gives life and brings hope through Jesus Christ. ... more

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