Raise The Bridge (​@​BeautifulEulogy Remix) @DarkoHipHop




Remix to Beautiful Eulogy's "Raise The Bridge"


Got to tell the world of what he did
So instead of burning them, raise the bridge
Gotta raise the bridge
Atoned for our sin, reconciled us back to him
Gotta raise the bridge
Instead of the fine that we owe, gave us mercy and calls us his own
Gotta raise the bridge
Raise the bridge x3
They call us oxymorons
Because we claim the most high condescended as a peasant, God with human clothes on

The exact dispensation of protons, the Holy Spirit
In the womb incarnates gods son,

In the fullness of time
Fulfilled the law, 33 years before A.D

It hurts me, though I've sinned every sin I get mercy,
From the soon wrath to come

Anti type of Noah’s ark though the builders reject it,
it's imperative we parrot this narrative

Jacobs ladder to Nathaniel’s,
The only bridge between god and man without blemish

John 14:6 none can see the father except through him
sufficient sacrifice since he had no sin

If god didn't become a man then we wouldn't understand him
He's outside of time and yet we try to plan him

We want divine signs but by his breath of the spirit we have his word preserved as the cannon

Flip through the pages
From genesis to the book of revelations, he's still the rock of ages

prioritized the fathers will
We all fall short, you all know the deal

Gave his life at the stake
The instrument of mercy turns God’s wrath and through that we receive grace


released November 12, 2013



all rights reserved


DARKO Brampton, Ontario

Born in Scarborough Ontario, raised in Rexdale, and now living in Brampton,DARKO incorporates clever rhyme schemes and faith based content which influence, inspire, motivate, and challenges society to think eternally, to see the big picture of life beyond the sun. With a gospel centered world view, DARKO's music doesn't preach or condemn, it gives life and brings hope through Jesus Christ. ... more

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